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De Chirico SRL. is a company with strong roots, born more than half a century ago, but the focus is oriented to the future. Our aim is satisfying every customer in every phase of his distribution merchandise and much more.

The world of logistics is large, fast and constantly changing, as we well know, so our passion, our attention to detail and local presence ensure that our services aim for excellence, going meet customer needs and respecting the environment.

Our core business is road transport, over the years we have expanded our offerings and now we can offer different logistics services to large, small and medium-sized businesses.

Distribution, parking, warehouse, storage and container handling make our offer an extensive package. Moreover, we can garantee an advisory service, to share our experience and offer our innovative and forward-looking ideas.

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Freight transportation:
We have a large fleet and a network of collaborators to carry your goods in each destination. We can carry full loads, partial and groupage for long and short distances. Thanks to our presence in a decade and optimal logistics we can manage the shipment of individual pallets, bulk material and non-palletized. For the duration of the expedition will be available one of our operators to respond to every need or request. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS system for tracking of your goods, you can request to show step by step each shipment, from taking charge upon delivery. The duration of our management is also valid for returns, which will be returned when requested.

We offer a service of warehouse, storage and preparation benches. We can store your goods for the duration you need. The service is performed by highly qualified personnel. 

Without the step of filing or storage goods, transshipment is a great service to bring the goods directly to their destination. We offer this service quickly, well managed, and with non-stop service. 

We can store and trans-ship empty containers. 


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