1956: Domenico De Chirico, born in Bari, get the transport license on behalf of a third party

1963: Mr. Domenico acquires its first vehicle founding a transport company with an employee with the role of chauffeur.

1965: Domenico acquires other vehicles and enlarge the company

1971: His wife, Maria Luigia Manzini, founds a transport company hiring an employee with the role of chauffeur.

1982: Work increases and Constantine De Chirico, the son, opens a shipping agency for ton behalf of a third party.

1992: The two companies are united to found "De Chirico snc of De Chirico D. & C", with the parents as members and a fleet of over 30 vehicles.

1994: In company two daughters, Lucia first and then Annalisa, start working in.

2000: De Chirico srl is born with five members of family as founders.

2003: The company celebrates 40 years in business with a turnover always growing.

2011: Simon, grandson of Mr Domenico De Chirico, starts work in the family company.

2013: The fleet is fully equipped with GPS & Tracking

2016: De Chirico srl becomes an intermodal transport operator

Today: We are present in the market as a logistic company in 360 °